Appetizers & Soups

  • Lemongrass Vegetarian Set  

    Vegetable spring rolls, fried corn cake, green papaya salad and crispy vegetables served with assorted dips

    DHS 42

  • Lemongrass Set  

    Vegetable spring rolls, marinated chicken in pandan leaf, glass noodle salad with minced chicken, prawn cake and chicken satay served with assorted dips

    DHS 48

  • Talay Set  

    Grilled fish with lemongrass in banana leaf, prawn tempura and crispy squid served with mango salad and assorted dips

    DHS 49

  • Poh Pia Tod

    Fried mixed vegetable spring rolls served with sweet plum sauce

    DHS 28

  • Gai Hor Bai Teuy

    Fried marinated chicken wrapped in pandan leaf served with sweet soya sauce

    DHS 38

  • Satay Gai  

    Grilled marinated chicken skewers served with peanut sauce

    DHS 35

  • Guay Tiew Tom Yum    

    Hot & spicy noodle soup with chicken and seafood, sprinkled with ground peanuts

    DHS 35

  • Tom Yum  

    Hot & spicy soup with lemongrass, galangal, chili and kaffir lime leaves

    SeafoodDHS 39
    PrawnDHS 38
    ChickenDHS 37
    VegetablesDHS 30

  • Tom Kha

    Galangal soup with coconut milk and mushroom

    PrawnDHS 38
    ChickenDHS 35
    VegetablesDHS 30

  • Bamee Gai  

    Egg noodle soup with roasted chicken and bean sprout

    DHS 35


  • Yum Woon Sen    

    Glass noodle salad with seafood, celery and roasted peanut
    Glass noodle salad with spring onion, celery and roasted peanut

    Seafood DHS 38
    Vegetarian DHS 30

  • Laab  

    Assorted seafood salad with chili and shredded kaffir lime leaf
    Minced chicken salad with chili and shredded kaffir lime leaf

    SeafoodDHS 45
    ChickenDHS 35

  • Som Tam    

    Shredded green papaya salad with chili, garlic, tomato, dried shrimp and lime juice

    DHS 30

  • Yum Pla Tod    

    Crispy fish fillet served with mango salad

    DHS 42

  • Yum Ped Yang    

    Roasted duck served with fresh fruits and herbs salad

    DHS 48

  • Yum Gai Yang    

    Grilled chicken salad with tomato, chili and mint

    DHS 39

  • Yum Pak Boong Krob      

    Crispy fried kang kong salad with minced chicken and coconut dressing

    DHS 35

  • Yum Mamuang      

    Raw mango salad with peanut

    DHS 30


  • Poo Pad Pong Garee

    Wok-fried crab in yellow curry sauce

    DHS 55

  • Talay Pad Chah  

    Stir-fried mixed seafood with chili and Thai herbs

    DHS 55

  • Talay Pao

    Grilled jumbo prawn, cuttlefish and mussel served with spicy seafood dip

    DHS 69

  • Goong Tod Kratiam

    Wok-tossed prawn with garlic and pepper sauce

    DHS 68

  • Pla Neung Khing

    Steamed fish fillet with fresh ginger and soya sauce

    DHS 52

  • Pla Neung Manao  

    Steamed red snapper in chili, garlic and lime juice

    DHS 66

  • Pla Samunprai

    Crispy-fried red snapper served with tangy tamarind sauce

    DHS 66

  • Pla Sam Rod

    Crispy fish fillet with spicy, sweet & sour sauce

    DHS 52

  • Talay Sauce Makharm  

    Mixed seafood in tamarind sauce

    DHS 59

Curries & Vegetables

  • Gaeng Phed

    Red curry with eggplant, bamboo shoot and sweet basil

    PrawnDHS 49
    ChickenDHS 43
    VegetablesDHS 40

  • Gaeng Kiew Wan

    Green curry with eggplant, chili and sweet basil

    PrawnDHS 49
    BeefDHS 44
    ChickenDHS 43
    VegetablesDHS 40

  • Gaeng Panaeng

    Creamy Panaeng curry with chili, peanuts and shredded kaffir lime leaves

    PrawnDHS 49
    ChickenDHS 43
    VegetablesDHS 40

  • Massaman  

    Massaman curry with potato and peanut

    BeefDHS 44
    ChickenDHS 43

  • Pad Pak  

    Stir-fried mixed vegetables with mushroom, garlic and cashew nut

    DHS 34

  • Pad Pak Boong

    Wok-fried kang kong with chili, garlic and yellow bean paste

    DHS 30

  • Pad Kapraow Taohoo    

    Stir-fried assorted mushrooms with tofu in hot basil sauce

    DHS 34

  • Pak Sauce Tua      

    Stir-fried assorted greens in spicy peanut sauce

    DHS 34

  • Pad Med Mamuang Pak    

    Wok-tossed mixed vegetables with cashew nut and dry chili

    DHS 34

  • Pad Priew Wan Pak  

    Wok-tossed mixed vegetables in sweet & sour sauce

    DHS 34

Stir Fried

  • Pad Priew Wan

    Wok-tossed in sweet & sour sauce

    PrawnDHS 49
    Fish FilletDHS 48
    ChickenDHS 43

  • Pad Kapraow  

    Stir-fried string bean, chili, garlic and hot basil

    SeafoodDHS 55
    ChickenDHS 43

  • Pad Khing

    Stir-fried wild mushroom in ginger sauce

    BeefDHS 44
    ChickenDHS 43

  • Pad Phed

    Wok-tossed fish fillet in red curry sauce with sweet basil

    DHS 48

  • Pad Prik Thai Dum  

    Wok-fried black pepper sauce

    BeefDHS 44
    ChickenDHS 43

  • Pad Med Mamuang  

    Wok-tossed chicken with cashew nut and dry chili

    DHS 43

  • Pad Prik Sod    

    Stir-fried with chili, bamboo shoot and sweet basil

    BeefDHS 44
    ChickenDHS 43

  • Ped Sam Rod Kapraow Krob  

    Wok-fried duck with spicy, sweet & sour sauce top with crispy basil

    DHS 50

Rice & Noodles

  • Guay Tiew Kiew Wan    

    Wok-tossed flat noodle with chicken and seafood in green curry flavor with basil

    DHS 35

  • Kao Pad

    Thai fried rice

    SeafoodDHS 32
    EggDHS 26
    GarlicDHS 26
    ChickenDHS 26
    VegetablesDHS 26

  • Pad Kee Mao  

    Stir-fried flat noodle with chili and hot basil

    SeafoodDHS 39
    BeefDHS 34
    ChickenDHS 33
    VegetablesDHS 27

  • Pad Thai  

    Wok-fried rice noodle with bean sprout, tofu and chive served in egg wrap

    SeafoodDHS 40
    ChickenDHS 38
    VegetablesDHS 30

  • Kao Pad Lemongrass

    Fried rice chili paste with chicken and seafood

    DHS 35

  • Kao Suay

    Thai Jasmine rice

    DHS 8

  • Kao Niaw

    Sticky rice

    DHS 8

  • Khao Kriyb

    Prawn cracker

    DHS 10


  • Tako Haew

    Sweet sago and water chestnut in sweet coconut custard

    DHS 23

  • Ruam Mit

    Water chestnut rubies, palm seeds, sweet corn and jackfruit in sweet coconut milk served with crushed ice

    DHS 22

  • Gluay Tod

    Fried banana served with ice cream of the day

    DHS 25

  • Kao Niaw Mamuang  

    Sweet sticky rice with mango

    DHS 25

  • I – Tim

    Homemade softy ice cream of the day

    DHS 18

  • Tab Tim Krob

    Water chestnut rubies in sweet coconut milk served with crushed ice

    DHS 24

  • Kao Niaw Sankaya

    Sweet sticky rice with coconut custard

    DHS 24

Smoothies & Traditionals

  • Golden Triangle

    Orange, strawberry and banana

    DHS 20

  • E-san

    Watermelon, strawberry and lime

    DHS 20

  • Chiang Mai

    Strawberry, mint and lime

    DHS 20

  • Ban Mai

    Mango, strawberry and orange

    DHS 20

  • Samui

    Pineapple, coconut and lime

    DHS 20

  • Takrai Hom

    Lemongrass and lime

    DHS 20

  • Fresh Lime Soda

    DHS 12

  • Homemade Lemongrass Tea

    DHS 12

Mocktails & Fresh Juices

  • Thai Sky

    Grape juice, orange and lemon juice and kaffir lime leaves

    DHS 20

  • Lychee Lynchee

    Lychee muddled with fresh mint and Blue Curacao topped with lemon juice

    DHS 20

  • Khing Horapa

    Fresh ginger, Thai sweet basil and lime infused with black tea

    DHS 20

  • Thai Mojito

    Thai sweet basil leaves, lime wedges and topped with soda water

    DHS 20

  • Tom Yam Yen

    Kaffir lime leaves, lime wedges and chili topped with lemongrass juice

    DHS 20

  • Watermelon juice

    DHS 17

  • Orange juice

    DHS 17